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Francis Auto Detailing Website!!

March 29, 2010 CHECK IT OUT!!!

Warm Weather

March 29, 2010

Can’t wait for it to be consistently warm. Good Bye Crappy Weather!! Make sure you keep your vehicles protected and smooth. Call us!

Cold Day!!!!

March 27, 2010

Did a few cars and another to do tomorrow. Open 24/7 365 to serve you, Call us today to make your next appointment.

Auto Detailing

March 26, 2010

Long Day. Did some running around and an 09 Chev. Silverado. Looked great. Keep your vehicles clean and protected the way they should. Protect your automotive investments.

Francis Auto Detailing

March 25, 2010

Long night and still working. Keep your vehicles clean and protected. Call us, we’ll take care of it for you.

Today’s Work

March 17, 2010

Busy day today. Detailed a few vehicles and yes, they turned out great. Spotty carpets became new again. I love making rides look good.

Auto Detailing

March 15, 2010

When cleaning your vehicle, don’t forget to wipe off your windshield wipers with some sort of window cleaner or all-purpose cleaner.


March 15, 2010

Detailed a 2000 Silver Dodge Ram….turning out fantastic. Smooth as can be. Owner was very pleased. I love my job.

Francis Auto Detailing

March 14, 2010

Don’t forget to check out to see previous detailed vehicles and how we can help serve you.

Foggy Lights?

March 14, 2010

Ever get that foggy stuff on your headlights that won’t come off……we can get your lights crystal clear and clean. Call us 419-410-5348.